Books By Kendall  T. Shoulders

Once the reader begins to take a small glimpse at the depth and detail of God’s plan, He or She will begin to understand that only an omnipotent God can reveal himself in detail through different writers, eras, and dimensions without making an error. I believe that every detail is significant and that the Word of God is perfect in it’s original language. This study covers Adam through Joseph but future studies will in include others awesome pictures as seen through Moses, Joshua and others as the Holy Spirit gives utterance.


Jesus Is a Worm meticulously analyzes and contextualizes this overlooked metaphor in the Bible and explains how the symbolic power of a particular worm, the tola worm, holds significant lessons for all who would dare to listen.
From its entomological roots to its status in Biblical societies, the tola worm was a recognizable and essential allegory in ancient times. Over the centuries, however, its importance in the Bible’s teachings waned. Without Kendall Shoulder’s passion for the truth, it may have disappeared entirely.


Until this material was released,many student had discarded the Old Testament in their simply because they failed to understand it’s true application. God has always drawn specific pictures of himself in the scriptures.

He has also given His people the opportunity through the Holy Spirit to unveil those pictures and mysteries.
He uses natural element in the Old Testament to explain spiritual principles. This brief study will uncover how God uses Adam and others such as Cain, Abel, Seth, Noah and Joseph to explain his plan of redemption. He allows us to understand that His plan was the same in the beginning as it is today.