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Antioch Cumberland Presbyterian Church In America’s

Wednesday Night Bible Study @ 7PM Come And Join Us!

​Kendall T. Shoulders received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics in 1996. It was during his long hours of studying that he realized how temporary the use of a Mathematics degree would be. He made a promise that after graduation, he would study the bible with the same vigor and hours as he had studied Mathematics in college. Kendall’s interest in theology and prophecy began to deepen more and more in the 1990’s as he became enlightened about the real truths of scripture and not just the traditional rhetoric. He began teaching biblical studies in January 2003 at Antioch Cumberland Presbyterian Church of America in Athens, AL under the direction of his pastor Robert L. Rice.
Non-denominational by perspective, he is often called upon to teach at various congregations while bringing a unique perspective to the scriptures. He continues to teach and assist in preparing in-depth studies for his current church and also for friends and churches who are seeking to enrich their understanding of scripture. Kendall T. Shoulders continues to tackle the tough subject matters of prophecy avoided by many who fear controversy.

Along with authoring ‘A Purpose-Filled God: Shadows of the Almighty’ and his current work ‘Jesus is a Worm and a Snake too…..among other things’, Kendall T. Shoulders is also an enthusiastic Gospel Saxophonist. As an artist, he recorded the CD ‘My Imperfection: God’s Amazing Grace’ at the renowned Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. His music can be downloaded from any of the popular music websites.
Bible study class runs approximately about an 1 hour.
Come Out Wednesday Night and study with us.

Classic Bible Class
By Author And Elder Kendall Shoulders
” The Mind “

Classic Bible Class
By Author And Elder Kendall Shoulders
Keeping His Appointments