Signs in the Heavens – The Beginning of Sorrows

There are Great Signs in the Heavens that are associated with the awesome Feasts or Appointed days of the Most High. The Sign of Revelation 12 which appears on the Sabbath of Return is one of the most dramatic. Saturday, September 23, 2017. What does it mean for Yah’s people. What does it mean for this country and the world?


Jesus (Yeshua) is a Worm and a Snake too….Among Other Things by Kendall T. Shoulders

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“Kendall T. Shoulders challenges the reader with his analogy of the Tola worm mentioned in Psalm 22:6. This prophetic passage states, ‘But I am a worm…’ Chapter by chapter, Shoulders unlocks hidden meanings and the significance of this unusual worm noted in the scriptures. Then, he compares these findings with the prophecies pertaining to Jesus Christ, boldly proclaiming, ‘Even in what man would consider obscure passages, Jesus is there.’ ” – Cheryl E. Rodriguez

“As a non-religious person myself, I found Shoulders’ exploration to be well explained and constantly backed by quotations and additional facts, whilst also delivered in a conversational style that felt engaging but not preachy. Readers may not agree with all the ideas presented in this book, but it’s unarguable that this is a well-crafted and thought provoking read.” – K.C Finn

“Wow! What an interesting and engrossing book. I was fascinated with the writing from the word “go”. This has been the single best read on the various aspects of the Bible that lay people need help with to understand and appreciate.”  Dr. Oliva Dsouza.

“I think this book would make good study material both for personal meditation as well as in a group setting since there is lots of food for thought and each person is likely to be struck by something different as they work their way through. I would recommend this book for those studying the Bible for a better understanding of how God was making ready and preparing evidence to prove Jesus was and is His Son. ” – Emilija Ryks

“I was always intrigued by the Tola worm in relationship to Christ and the meaning inherent in that relationship. However, I never thought to look at all the instances of the Tola in the Old Testament. Kendall Shoulders does a wonderful job of exploring the Old Testament references to the Tola worm and putting those references in context of Christ’s work on the cross. His interpretations led me to search the Scriptures in search of Christ. If you want to read a book that inspires you to search the Scripture and learn more about the work of Christ for you, read this book! “.. – John Salmon

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